What's next?

Call us on 020 8661 7869 and we will book you in for an initial assessment at a cost of £50.00

What is the assessment?

This is your first session with us when you can tell us about yourself and your reasons for seeking counselling.  It is a slightly longer than usual session of 90min, as there are many things to discuss. We will ask you some questions and maybe even take notes. On the basis of this discussion we will assess what kind of help would be best, long term, time limited or group counselling. 

How much is it?

The assessment fee is £50.00 and we ask you to pay this at least three working days in advance. Assessors work at various organisations and they need to know this is paid for before they make their way.  We still need to pay them even if you don’t attend.  


We will agree with you a fee for your ongoing counselling.  We offer a sliding fee scale based on your income, so the fee should be affordable.  We also offer a bursary scheme to subsidise counselling for those living on a low income.   

How long before my regular counselling is organised?

This depends on your availability and the availability of a suitable counsellor for your needs.  We need to match your available times and days to the counsellor's available times. On average it can take 3-4 weeks but it may be longer if you need an evening slot or you have very restricted availability.  The more flexible your time, the more straightforward it will be to match you with a suitable counsellor and the sooner you can get started.

What do you mean by regular counselling?

Counselling sessions are held each week at the same time and with the same counsellor.  For this reason you need to be able to commit to the agreed time for the duration of your counselling. 

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