For an explanation of the services we offer and how we work please see the ‘Principles’ page of the website.  This page explains the costs involved in starting counselling with us and how we process payments we receive from you.

Initial Session

Before you start counselling you will be invited to attend an initial session with one of our assessment counsellors.  This is so we can begin to understand some of the difficulties you are having and to help you decide whether proceeding with counselling is the best thing for you.  This session lasts an hour and a half and the £50 flat fee must be paid in advance of the appointment.  You can pay by cash, cheque or over the phone by credit or debit card. You cannot pay this via this website.  Please see below for ways to pay this fee.

Ongoing Sessions

If you decide to proceed, you and your counsellor will agree a fee for each session at the start of your counselling.  This will be a realistic fee which takes your circumstances into account, as well as our costs and our charitable aims.  This fee will be reviewed periodically by you and your counsellor and may be adjusted according to changing circumstances.

The fee is paid to Sutton Counselling and collected by your counsellor at the end  of each weekly session.  This weekly payment can be in cash, cheque or debit card.

Payment for the Initial Session

Once the date and time of your initial assessment appointment is confirmed you will be asked to pay the flat fee in advance of attending. We need to do this as last minute cancellations increase our costs.

You can pay this fee in person at the centre in cash or cheque, or by phone using a credit/ debit card.

If you choose to pay by phone you will be asked to provide your card details which will process whilst you are on the phone, just like buying cinema or theatre tickets. We use a secure website provided by PayPal to process your payment. There is no additional cost to you for this service.

We do not store your credit/ debit card details nor do we ever share them with any 3rd parties.

Cancellation/ Refund

If you cannot make your assessment appointment with us you need to give us at least 24 hours notice to avoid us incurring costs. We will try to reschedule the appointment as soon as possible.  If you cancel the assessment appointment with less than 24 hours notice we reserve the right to charge the full fee.  The assessment appointment fee is not refundable if you have attended the appointment.

If for some reason you feel the payment for assessment should be refunded you will need to contact our Head of Operations (see contact page) and request a refund. We will consider your request within three working days, and if we agree, a refund will be issued within a further five working days. If you paid by credit/ debit card we shall need your card details again to process the refund.

Sutton Counselling is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).