Group Counselling


Sutton Counselling offers a Counselling Group.


The group is held every Friday from 5.30pm to 7pm, consisting of up to 7 members and the therapist. It was established in 2015.

Group counselling is both similar to and different from individual counselling.


Feeling less alone: In the group people often find that it helps to know that others have similar feelings or experiences, that they are not alone, not the only one with certain feelings.

Hearing others speak and finding words: It can be easier to speak about difficulties when someone else says something you can relate to. They might find words for their experiences that help you to express yourself too.

Not having to stay silent about stuff: It can also be helpful to see other people struggle in the group – it makes it easier to see the parts of ourselves that are struggling in silence.

Being useful and feeling valued: The group can also be very empowering, because the therapy is not just in the hands of the therapist. People help each other through their exchanges and become useful to each other over time.

Being helped to find space for yourself: Both those who habitually help others and don’t take time for themselves, and those who take space but find it hard to give or to believe in their ability to give, will be challenged at some point.

Seeing and being seen differently: The group is a place where our habitual roles can be examined from different perspectives; the group is a place where we hear things from others that we ourselves don’t easily see. Sometimes this is challenging, sometimes not.

Untangling and understanding together: In the group we can aim to build trust and get to know each other first, and to benefit from being able to slow down our interactions, pause, rewind, find out what is being triggered and why, and think about it together. Troublesome patterns of relating can be addressed in this way.

Group therapy is helpful for:

Anxiety and social anxiety
Depression, especially with isolation
Dealing with losses of any kind
Feeling that one is different from everyone else, or somehow less
Difficulties expressing feelings
Self-esteem and confidence
Learning to care for oneself
Learning to challenge others and survive challenge ourselves,
amongst other things.

What will happen:

If you decide to come for an assessment at Sutton Counselling, you will be asked during the
first appointment whether you are interested in or curious about group therapy. If you would
like to know more you will be invited to meet the group therapist, without commitment.
The meeting with the group therapist is for you to ask any questions you may have, and for
the two of you to think about what it might mean for you to join the group.

If you are keen to join the group there will be at least two more preparation sessions with the
therapist before you meet the group. At this stage you can still decide you want individual
counselling, and you would then be allocated a counsellor. You can still ask to consider
group therapy again after your individual counselling if you would like.
Group sessions are currently charged at £16 weekly, invoiced on a monthly basis, and the
group usually meets 45 or 46 weeks in the year. Preparation sessions are charged at £16
(daytime until 5pm) or £30 (evening), and the first meeting with the group therapist is free of