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by   Dean Whittington

Saturday 4 February 2017

Thinking about men’s emotional lives and how men construct their identities has been neglected within psychotherapy. Arguably this stems from a fixed 20th Century patriarchal viewpoint and has led to masculinity as becoming completely invisible within the 21st Century. During this workshop we will reflect on men’s emotional lives and the various links between childhood and adulthood. During the workshop there will be presentation of theoretical material, clinical materials and discussion on men’s identities and masculinities and how these both appear in the consulting room and how we can, as therapists, work with them.  By focusing on these hidden shrouded worlds of male identity, viewing the presentation as social constructs, they become finally visible, operating as performed roles.  Often these roles become distinct challenges for therapists due to their pervasiveness. By viewing them as being formed within childhood and later carried into adulthood, a rigid presentation operates as character armour, blockading emotional connection, unless they are unpicked and dissolved. Masculine emotional isolation leads to various negative outcomes such as self-destruction: suicide, poor physical health, addiction, mental health problems and emotional/physical violence. By understanding their rationale, masculine identities operate as both a protective layer whilst restricting emotional connection. They leave the man socially isolated: forever trapped in an ongoing double bind of desire for connection and fear of it.

Dean Whittington PhD FDAP works in private practice, writes about psychotherapy and is involved in training and consultancy. Originally, he trained in Person Centred Counselling at Cambridge University Extra Mural Studies. He furthered his interest in therapy on a Post Graduate Course in Community Education at Edinburgh, where he was introduced to Alfred Adler and Erich Fromm. He completed a Doctorate at Goldsmiths University.

Cost £55

Certificate awarded for 4 hours of CPD

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Reading Group

by Emma Brett-Jones


Psychoanalysis in Times of Technoculture

Tuesday, 21st February 2017 at 6.00pm – 7.30pm

New ways of communication are subtly permeating the psychoanalytic setting. This paper sets out some of the ways in which the use of internet/online technology could affect the way we work and the therapeutic process.  It presents topics for more detailed discussion and exploration as to the possible benefits and limitations of working in this medium.  For example how do we feel about counselling via Skype?

From the book – Introduction to the Practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by Alessandra Lemma (2nd Edition)

Cost: £5.00 – 1 ½ hours CPD

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 Previous CPD events have included

Saturday, 12th November 2016: TRAUMA: ‘It doesn’t define who I am’ with Claire Parlane: How does a person survive trauma?  How do we survive working with it?  What part can we have in healing?  Is healing possible?  And does it really not define who someone is? During this one day workshop we will be considering these questions, and others, looking at theory and case studies in this area and connecting these with our own experience, both as individuals in our own right and as therapists with clients.  The day will include discussion, experiential work, theory and supervisory elements in the hope of creating new insight into this dark and difficult area of work. Claire Parlane is a psychotherapist and supervisor with a private practice in Worthing, West Sussex, focusing on long-term, analytical psychotherapy.  Her speciality is early trauma.  Additionally, she works for charitable organisations as a supervisor, consultant, teacher and trainer.  Claire has extensive clinical experience accumulated over 20 years in the private, charitable, voluntary and public sectors.  Saturday, 8th October 2016: The Meaning of Money with Alice Cowley: For many of our patients, it feels shameful to have to pay to be listened to.  It can be hard to bring up problems around money in the consulting room, and yet, if we don’t, are we colluding with something unreal?  This workshop examined the unconscious assumptions we make about ourselves, and the shame and fear around our own desire to be paid as well as some of the symbolic meanings underlying conflicts over money in the consulting room. Alice Cowley  trained as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist at WPF Therapy and as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at the Lincoln Clinic. She has worked as a counsellor at WPF Therapy, Victim Support and St George’s Medical School and is now employed in the NHS as a psychotherapist working with cancer patients.  She also works in private practice and has learned through experience the necessity of working out a realistic and fair fee, and not to panic when it is time to fill out her tax return. Saturday, 7th May 2016:  TRAUMA: ‘It doesn’t define who I am’ with Claire Parlane: Does the raw and muffled quality of trauma really not define who someone is? How does a person survive trauma?  How do we survive working with it? In working with those who are traumatised, we are often holding their life – their survival – in our consulting room.  To traverse the landscape of pain, horror and the irrevocable with our clients, helping them make what reparations they can, is some of our most important work. Claire Parlane is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice in Worthing, West Sussex. Her speciality is early trauma. Claire has extensive clinical experience accumulated over 20 years in the private, charitable, voluntary and public sectors and is studying for a PhD in trauma and identity.  Saturday, 27th February 2016:  Psychosomatic Disorders with Mary Pat Campbell:It can be a challenge for counsellors to explore and understand what is being communicated through a client’s physical symptoms. This workshop explores how counsellors can think about physical symptoms which are experienced as concrete physical events with little or no room for psychological exploration and understanding. Mary Pat Campbell is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and is a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council and British Psychotherapy Foundation. She has over 20 years’ experience of working as a psychotherapist in the NHS, primarily in Neurological Rehabilitation and General Practice. Saturday, 26th September, Saturday, 24th October & Saturday, 21st November 2015: Assessment Training with Joan Wilson – Three-day workshop: These workshops will consider the theory and practice of clinical assessment for psychodynamic counselling and the development of assessment skills. Saturday, 10th October 2015 10am to 4.00pm   ‘Ah – Bereavement – that old chestnut’  A workshop exploring the myths, phantasies and fears associated with bereavement, as well as the unique suffering of the client in relation to a particular death.  by Claire Parlane

Saturday 23rd May 2015 10am to 4.30pm ‘Surviving on the Edge’  Steps in Understanding and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder with Nicholas Glover
Saturday 14th March 2015    -  10am to 1.00pm  ‘KICK OVER THE STATUES!’: Race, Class and Power in Psychoanalysis by Paul Gurney

Saturday 12th July 2014 10am to 3.30pm Only Connect; Psychotherapy with people on the Autistic and Asperger’s Spectrum with Dr Alan Corbett    Saturday 25 January 2014  Mentalisation Based Therapy:  An Introductory Workshop with Nick Glover, BSW, MA, Dip.Psych. UKCP  Saturday 18th May 2013  Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse with Lauren White Saturday 23rd March 2013  Assessment and Treatment in Brief Therapy with Paul Gurney Saturday 16th June 2012  The Meaning of Money  with Alice Cowley  Saturday 19th November 2011  Transference & Counter transference with Alistair Park Saturday 15th October 2011  Post Natal Depression with Sarah Weir Saturday 17th September 2011  Interracial conversations in counselling and psychotherapy with Paul Gurney Saturday 11th June 2011 Sexuality with Bríd Greally Saturday 9th April 2011 Bereavement and the work of mourning with Bríd Greally